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Carousel salon A.Becquart   Carousel F.Kopp   LH576 with Jean-Paul Favand   Back of LH595
The carousel salon of the Becquart family in Brugge. The last time this ride was completely built up, was in 1958.
Replica's of both giant horses are now travelling with the carousel of Frans Rorive.
The same carousel as on the previous picture but here in possession of François Kopp, who visits fairs in the south of France and also in Luxemburg.
A discoloured photograph of LH576 with its owner, Jean-Paul Favand. The organ was recently completely restored.
View of the back of Ted Bowman's LH595 "Big Bertha".
Key frame of LH585     Aline Ghysbrecht     The Schollaert family   Advertisement of A.Schollaert
Key frame of LH585 "De Witte Merel", with the original metal plate of Louis Hooghuys. Pay attention to the small handle, which lowers or raises the keys.
The wife of the prolific arranger August Schollaert, Aline Ghysbrecht. August had the habit of mentioning her family name on his label, which was somewhat unusual.
The Schollaert family: August, his son Herman and his wife Aline.
Advertisement of August Schollaert in an issue of Het Pierement of 1957.
Four owners of a Hooghuys organ  

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Four owners of a Hooghuys organ on one picture: Teddy Reed (CH660), Marc Hooghuys (LH552), Boz Oram (LH530) and Ted Bowman (LH595).
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