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In 1974, François Kopp bought the Becquart carousel no.1 with LHXXX from Pierre Jansens, who was married to Albert Becquart's sister and travelled with the ride after Albert's death. Mr.Kopp now travels mainly the southern part of France and Luxembourg. Sadly, the organ has lost a lot of its glory, and the mechanics need some reparation.

All these flaws can be heard on the recordings released by François Kopp. But even if the organ isn't in top condition, the recordings itself are of good quality and they contain an interesting repertoire and often good arrangements.

Below are given the details of the three CD's released by Mr.Kopp with De Plein Vent. However, note that volumes 1 and 2 were previously released on LP in 1981 (on two seperate LPs ánd as a double LP; the two separate LPs were released on the SRC-label and have the numbers 371 654 and 622 588). Unfortunately, some titles on these first two volumes were already released on previous records, when the organ was still in possession of Albert Becquart. Please note also that on the first release of CD 9240 (= vol.1) a lot of titles and composer's names have been misspelled; most of these mistakes were 'corrected' on the second release as far as the titles is concerned.
Volume 3 of the CD-series was released in 1993; although the organ is functioning better now, it is badly out of tune. The CD-booklet contains some (but little) information on the history and disposition of the organ - information which was literally taken from the back of a record of the LH518 "Senior" (VEGA LPX466), which indeed has by mistake the information of the LHXXX on the back side of the sleeve.
When the recordings for the third CD were made, preparations were also made for a fourth CD which has been released, but is only available in a box set with volume 3. Some tunes on the track list have wrongfully been marked as "unknown".

• De Plein Vent CD 9240:
   [SRC 371654]
   [all arrangements
    by A.Schollaert]
Tesoro mio - valse (E.Becucci)
Semper fidelis - marche (J.-Ph.Sousa)
España - valse (E.Chabrier - E.Waldteufel)
Kaiser Friedrich - marche (C.Friedemann)
La petite valse - valse (J.Heyne)
Gruß an Kiel - marche (Fr.Spohr)
Old faithful - marche (A.Holzmann)
Die Fledermaus - ouverture (J.Strauss jr.)
Donauperlen - valse (R.Vollstedt)
Bundesmarch - marche (J.Stritzko)
La chasse aux gazelles - galop (A.Calvini)

  DPV CD 9240
DPV CD 9240
• De Plein Vent CD 9241:
   [SRC 622588]
   [all arrangements
    by A.Schollaert]
Einzug der Gladiatoren - marche (J.Fuçik)
Wedding of the winds - valse (J.T.Hall)
Prinz Eitel Friedrich - marche (H.L.Blankenburg)
A toi - valse (E.Waldteufel)
Avec aplomb - marche (R.Vollstedt)
Voilà les soldats - marche (R.Eilenberg)
Dans tes yeux - valse (E.Waldteufel)
Wien bleibt Wien - marche (J.Schrammel)
Myosotis (Ne m'oublie pas) - valse (E.Waldteufel)

• De Plein Vent CD 9352:
   [arrangements by
    Hooghuys (HS),
    Arthur Prinsen (AP)
    or unknown (?)]
Tu verras Santiago (Ch.Borel-Clerc) (?)
Hoch Habsburg (J.N.Kral) (AP)
Unknown tune (?) (HS)
Komm in meine Liebeslaube ("Madame Sherry") (K.L.Hoschna) (?)
Unknown tune (?) (HS)
Im Zigeunerlager (M.Oscheit) (AP)
Flirtation - valse (Heywood) (AP)
Salome (R.Stolz) (AP)
An der schönen blauen Donau (J.Strauss jr.) (AP)
Unknown tune (?) (HS)
Rosen aus dem Süden (J.Strauss jr.) (AP)
Unknown tune (?) (HS)
Unknown tune (?) (HS)
Les sirènes (E.Waldteufel) (?)
La souris (P.Lincke) (AP)
Heinzelmännchens Wachtparade (K.Noack) (AP)
Die geschiedene Frau (L.Fall) (?)

De Plein Vent CD 08137:
   [arrangements by
    Hooghuys (HS) and
    A.Schollaert (AS)]
Unknown tune (?) (HS)
Die Czardasfürstin (E.Kálmán) (AS)
Quand on s'est aimé d'amour (R.Mercier) (HS)
Le rêve passe (Ch.Helmer-G.Krier) (HS)
Monte-en-l'air (L.Daniderff) (?) (HS)
The motor march (G.Rosey) (HS)
La valse des belles (Taelens) (AS)
Unknown tune (?) (HS)
Praterveigerln (F.Soucoup)
Anita (Kessels) (HS)
Püppchen, du bist mein Augenstern (J.Gilbert) (HS)
Le long du Missouri (H.Christiné) (HS)
Marche de la Reine Elisabeth (F.Rogister) (HS)
Unknown tune (?) (HS)
Folies Bergère (P.Lincke) (AS)
Gold und Silber (Fr.Lehár) (AS)
La grève de l'orchestre (H.Himmel) (AS)
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