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When CH660 was still owned by Jean Staelens, an LP record was issued in France on the label ABA (3294) with the title "Orgue de Foire". On this LP, various instruments in the collection of Mr.Staelens can be heard, including his 92-key Limonaire and the 91-key Mortier "Neptunus". The last track on the A-side, "Alte Kameraden", is played by CH660.

In 1989, a cassette (EMB 05588) of CH660 (owned by Teddy Reed in Amersham (GB) was released; this cassette contains a varied and interesting repertoire.

Arrangementen are by Hooghuys (HS), August Schollaert (AS), Arthur Prinsen (AP) and Kevin Meayers (KM).

EMB 05588: A: Blaze away (A.Holzmann) (AP)
    Puppet on a string (M.Coulter) (AP)
    Morgenblätter (J.Strauss jr.) (AS)
    Le rêve passe (Ch.Helmer-G.Krier) (KM)
    You're the cream in my coffee (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) (AP)
    Via Eupen (?) (HS)
    Ça c'est Paris (J.Padilla) (HS)
    With sword and lance (H.Starke) (AS)
    The entertainer (S.Joplin) (KM)
B: Unter'n Linden (W.Kollo) (HS)
    Nights of gladness (Ch.Ancliffe) (AS)
    Early 20's selection (div.) (AP):
        Yes sir that's my baby
        Bye bye blackbird
        You're driving me crazy
        When the red red robin
        My blue heaven
        Ukulele lady
        I'll see you in my dreams
        Maggie, yes ma
    Folies Bergère (P.Lincke) (AP)
    Beer barrel polka (Vejvoda-Timm-Brown) (AP)
    Under the stars (Weiss) (AS)
    St.Louis blues (W.Handy) (KM)
    Adieu, mein kleiner Gardeoffizier (R.Stolz) (HS)
EMB 05588
EMB 05588
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